1. Jill Konrath’s blogFresh Sales Strategies

Jill Konrath is running this blog that is about prescriptive sales advices for business to consumer  and business to business best practices for attracting new clients and increasing sales. The blog has knowledge for your sales interest and can be a game changer for your career.

  1. Sales Blog by HubSpot

The blog is bombarded daily with best practices and sales tips for businesses by the industry leading experts at Hubspot. The information is  about emerging trends that are best for you to know if you want to excel in your tech sales career.

  1. The Sales Engine Blog

The blog is full of effective sales strategies posted by expert sales consultants that could reboot your sales career and can help you become an effective salesperson.

  1. Geoffrey James’s blog “Sales Source

Geoffrey James has been writing about sales techniques and technology for you for  15 years. You can get to know about sales, leadership and innovation tips that the main focus of this blog.

  1. Miles Austin’s blog “Fill the Funnel

The blog has an enormous collection of techniques, fresh tips and training on sales-oriented web tools. The posts are well-formulated comprising of specific suggestions and examples on how those tips and techniques can be implemented to the business to direct it toward growth.

  1. Jim Keenan’s blog “A Sales Guy

Jim Keenan is  a top sales influencer and marketing leader. The blog is full of genuine sales insight into the world of sales. Jim can help you know a lot about sales practices and learn in-depth about inbound marketing strategies.

  1. The Inside Sales Expert

The blog is run by an organization named Bridge Group having inside sales consultants who write weekly tips about emerging trends, best sales practices for pipeline generation and target achievement.

  1. Aaron Ross’s blog “Predictable Revenue

With Aaron Ross’s blog, you can find in-depth know-how about optimizing inside sales processes, how to divide your team into dedicated sales roles and amass team sales promptly.

  1. Anthony Iannarino’s blog “The Sales Blog

Anthony, a speaker, author and entrepreneur, has filled this blog with his knowledge that he has gained from years of B2B sales experience. In the blog, he shares  practical sales, value creation, success practices and leadership that you need to learn if you want to grow in your sales career.

  1. Nancy Nardin’s blog “Smart Selling Tools

As a pioneer in sales prospecting technology, Nancy Nardin writes more about sellers who want to apply process and technology to increase business sales and productivity. If you are in tech sales or doing any other sales oriented job then this blog is a ‘must-read’ for you.

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