The right sales deck can ensure that you get an order instead of just a reply from your prospects. If you thought this was a myth, chances are that your own deck has not been as successful in converting clients as you always though. Do not worry, though, as here are five tips which will help you create a stellar sales pitch presentation deck.

Tell a Story

Who doesn’t like a good story? Rather than stuffing your sales deck with loads of information, present an engaging storyline with an obstacle and resolution. Your audience will thank you by retaining your points and will be more likely to engage with your product. Start by answering the following three basic questions.

  1.    What issues is the client facing?
  2.    What information will persuade them to buy your product?
  3.    What should be shown on the slides?

Use Stunning Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. Most salespeople often ignore this little gem, failing to get the results they want. Your sales pitch has to look stunning and professional, so use images that evoke emotion to leave a lasting impression. Compelling images also capture the audience’s attention, keeping them engaged. When presenting data, remember to keep in simple. Use easy-to-understand graphs and images. Clumsy choice of colors, fonts and graphics will turn your deck into an eyesore.

Customize to Close

Customize each sales pitch according to the needs of your client. Do not just grab the last one you did for a similar client and send it through. Your prospect will be able to tell if your slide content is too generalized. So, include some client-specific or industry-specific examples to show that you have done your research.

Update Your Follow Up

Do you email the same sales deck you use for your face-to-face meetings? Big mistake. When delivering a sales pitch directly, you have the advantage of explaining things. This, however, is almost impossible via email. So, make a more detailed sales deck that is readable and include more information.

Remember Your Goal

Clearly define the goal of your sales pitch and build your sales deck with it in mind. This makes the presentation easy to follow and clearly leads the audience to their next steps. It also allows the presenter to include only information relevant to the presentation.

Keep these tips in mind and you will get an order every time you send your brand new sales deck.

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