Are your demos plagued with slow load time or sloppy preparation? Don’t fret, all these issues are fixable.

A silky smooth SaaS demo will sky rocket your sales figures. Your customer reads a lot into the demo and will probably base a lot of the future decisions on what they observe.

Want to learn how to create and deliver a killer demo? Read on and discover all the tips and tricks available in the expert’s toolbox.

What Should You Do? —SaaS Demo Best Practices

So what do you need to do keep your customers interested in your demo?

Well it all depends on your product, industry, and the kind of presentation but here are a few general things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you truly understand the potential customer and their position in the buying process before you deliver your demo.
  2. You should have a basic understanding of the client’s environment. This will help you customize the demo according to your client’s needs. Buyers respond well to personal and relevant demos.
  3. If the entire sales process hinges on how well the demo goes, then make sure your sales team is also up to the mark with the technical aspects of your products/services.
  4. Last but not least, remember the demo is only part of your sales process. Do not turn it into a product pitch.

Things You Should Avoid

Next, you need to be careful to avoid the following things or you’ll end up scaring everyone who watches the demo:

  • Don’t rush through things (The cliché ‘haste makes waste’ is a cliché for a reason).
  • Don’t try to show everything your product can do; you’ll end up sounding like you are narrating an encyclopedia. It’s impossible to fit all the information into one demo.
  • Don’t spend too much time waxing lyrical about how the solution is built. Whether it is a potential customer or an investor, no one wants to know the details.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of doing a step-by-step narration of your actions.
  • Don’t include the boring stuff such as setting up user accounts or connecting to a database.

A Few Words About the Actual Demo

The best practices are focused on general guidelines about preparing for the demo. However, what you actually do during the demo also matters.

●    Merge Action with Purpose

You won’t do your product any favors by droning on. The customer will lose focus if you keep saying something akin to, “Now I am going to click on the Open button, fill out the Name field, click on the location….” Instead of sounding like a robot, try to focus on what you are trying to accomplish with your actions.

●    First Set-Up Then Solve

Before launching into a list of features, set-up the problem scenario you will be focusing on. Be sure to justify why you chose that specific scenario. Then go ahead and show how the problem you talked about can be solved by using the product. Again, it is important that you focus on the bigger points instead of getting stuck in the nitty-gritty of the issue.

●    Get to the Point Quickly

Take care of the boring admin work before the actual demo. Concisely describe the problem and then get to the good stuff. Show how your solution is the best one by merging the key aspects of the problem with the features of your product.

In the world of SaaS there are too many poor sales demos. Closing a deal is almost impossible if your technical team, marketing team and salespeople are not in synch with each other. Keep these rules in mind and you will hopefully deliver a stellar demo which gets your client’s and your supervisor’s attention.


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